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How to Use Boosters & Combos in Toy Blast

Toy Blast Boosters

One of the fun aspects of Toy Blast is the use of boosters and combos. Boosters are there to help you clear difficult areas on a level by wiping out either an entire row, column, or a chunk of cubes. Meanwhile, combos are done by collecting cubes in a specific pattern that replaces them with items that help you clear out big areas on the level.

Differentiating Boosters & Combos

The main difference between Boosters and Combos is that Boosters are readily available to you when you begin a level, but you only have a limited amount of them so you have to be certain when you want to use them.


On the other hand, combos are made whenever you manage to get rid of cubes in a specific pattern. Combos are harder to get since you need to match specific patterns in order to get them, and sometimes the cubes available to you hinder you from getting the combos you need.

Types of Boosters & Combos in Toy Blast

Here is a list of all types of Boosters in Toy Blast and what they do:

  • Drill: Gets rid of one Cube or obstacle of your choice. For obstacles that have multiple parts like Lego Bricks, for example, the Drill will only break one part of it.
  • Train: Eliminates an entire row of the space you selected.
  • Vacuum: Gets rid of the column of the selected space.
  • Bucket: After choosing a Cube, all the other Cubes with the same color as the selected one will be erased.
  • Paintbrush: Changes the color of the selected Cube into the color you have chosen.

As for Combos, you can get items depending on how many Cubes of the same color you manage to collect. The main combo items you can get are the Rotor, TNT, and the Puzzle Cube. Here is a quick description of how to get them and what they do:

  • Rotor – You have to combine five or six Cubes that share the same color. Rotors will clear a row or column where they spawn, depending on where they are facing.
  • TNT – Combining seven or eight Cubes of the same color activates this special item. TNT explodes and gets rid of a small area around it. If you manage to get more than one of these in the play area, you can clear out more of the unwanted Cubes or obstacles to finish the level faster.
  • Puzzle Cube – Combining nine or more Cubes unlocks this item on the play area. Puzzle Cubes transform random Cubes into the same color of those near it to make it easier for you to get combos.

You can also combine combos like Rotors and TNT, Rotors and Puzzle Cubes, or Puzzle Cubes and TNT to get rid of even more obstacles and collect more cubes to complete levels even faster!