How to Play Toy Blast – Join Tournaments & More!

Are you ready to experience the exciting world of Toy Blast? Here are some of the awesome things you need to know to get better at solving the puzzles.

How to Progress Through Levels

Toy Blast’s premise is simple. Whenever you choose a level, you have to acquire the number of toys located at the upper left side of the screen. You can do this by matching the blocks that have the same color to eliminate them from the play area.


Toy Blast Levels


Doing this will make it easier for you to match and get the desired toys you need to get. Consequently, you will be much closer to getting the goal for the current level you’re playing on. However, you also have to check how many moves you have. If you run out of moves, you won’t clear the level and you’ll have to restart it.

Join Various In-Game Events

If you are tired of solving puzzles via levels and stages, do not fret! Toy Blast has a lot of different in-game events to help keep your analytical brains stimulated and engaged. Some of the events include the Star Tournament, Crown Rush, Treasure Hunt, and Daily Challenges.

Star Tournament

The Star Tournament pits you against other players and has you collect as many stars in the play area in the different levels as possible. You compete against fifty players, and the players who garner the top scores will receive different rewards.

Moreover, each Star Tournament is different from one another. The stars you have accumulated in the first Star Tournament you participated in will not carry over to the next one you join. That said, you have to be Level 51 or higher in order to participate in Star Tournaments.

Crown Rush

Crown Rush is a game mode that lets you start with items that will help you solve levels faster. You are given one rocket and one bomb at the start of a level, and if you manage to complete the puzzles without losing, you are rewarded with an additional rocket and bomb when you begin the next level.

The bonus items max out at three rockets and three bombs. However, if you do not complete a level, you will lose all the items and you’ll need to earn them back by starting again at the very beginning. The required level to participate in Crown Rush is Level 52.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt, as the name suggests, is an event that lets you unlock chests with keys that you have collected for completing levels. You need to collect twenty keys before you can unlock a treasure chest.

One completed level equates to one key, so you have to solve twenty levels! After you’ve collected twenty keys, you can only open one Treasure Chest. You also have to be at Level 28 to participate in this event.

Last but not the least are the Daily Challenges. Each day has a corresponding challenge that you can accomplish, and doing so will earn you twenty-five gold coins. This is a great way to earn extra coins without resorting to in-game purchases!

How to Download Toy Blast on PC

Downloading Toy Blast for your desktop takes a couple of easy steps. Just locate our download button on the lower-right side of the screen to get started. Alternatively, you can go to our download page and choose whether you need the download for PC or Mobile.




A system prompt will ask for your clearance to have the game be downloaded on your PC. Click yes to begin the download sequence. After the game has been downloaded, you need to click on the file in order to start the installation process.

Another prompt will ask you if you will allow the installation. Just click yes and it will start the installation on your PC. Once the installation is complete, look for the Toy Blast shortcut on your desktop to launch the game. And that’s it, you can enjoy colorful challenges with Toy Blast on your PC!