About Toy Blast: All You Need to Know

Created by Peak Games, Toy Blast will have you solving complex and fun puzzles by matching colorful cubes to clear levels. In each level, you are tasked to match as many toys as possible before you run out of moves!

The more levels you complete, the more complex the succeeding puzzles will become. Hence, you need to rely on your knack for recognizing possible patterns to mix and match the different number of toys and unleash combos that would help you clear out harder stages!


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Toy Blast has over 3500 levels that range in difficulty but are always fun to take on. Whenever you complete a level, you progress through the various stages until you fully complete each section. Each section you complete rewards you with prizes and opens up more lands to explore and challenging puzzles to solve!

There are also Daily Prizes that you can win by spinning the wheel, as well as a leaderboard that keeps track of who is the best problem-solver. Do you have what it takes to climb up the leaderboards and reach the top spot? Can you mix and match colorful toy items? There’s only one way to find out—play Toy Blast now!