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Toy Blast: What are the Various Daily Challenges?

With over 3500 levels, completing Toy Blast might become daunting and repetitive for some players. Luckily, Peak Games developed Daily Challenges to add more depth to Toy Blast’s gameplay!




Similar to the game’s events, completing Daily Challenges earns you a reward in the form of Coins. You can use Coins to purchase Boosters that can be activated before the start of levels. However, unlike Events that only happen in limited times, Daily Challenges offer something different depending on what day you decide to play Toy Blast.


Types of Daily Challenges

Given that there are seven days in a week, Toy Blast’s Daily Challenges are split up into seven days. Each day offers a unique challenge, and if you manage to complete them, you gain Coins. Here are the Daily Challenges and their corresponding days:

  • Rotor Monday: You are to build a specified number of rotors in order to pass the levels.
  • Moves Tuesday: You and other players are tasked to collect a specified number of remaining moves. Each player has to complete a new level with remaining moves, and each remaining move will be added to your total moves collected.
  • Puzzle Wednesday: Creating a specified number of Puzzle Cubes completes this Daily Challenge.
  • 3-Star Thursday: You have to get 3 stars whenever you complete a specified number of new levels. This can be done by not using a lot of moves to finish the level.
  • TNT Friday: Build TNT crates on levels according to the number on the Daily Challenge.
  • First Try Saturday: Complete a specified number of new levels on your first attempt.
  • Combo Sunday: Use a specified number of Puzzle Cube + Puzzle Cube when you play a level. If you only created the combos but do not use them during your playthrough of the level, they will not be counted even if you complete the level.


Choose When to Complete Daily Challenges

One way to make the most out of the Daily Challenges is to pick which day has the easiest task for you. This way, you are sure to get Coins on that specific day. You can also use this day to practice on other Daily Challenge requirements so that you are ready to take on coins for that specific day.

Eventually, you will get the mechanics of each of the Daily Challenges. The only obstacle left will be the layout of the map on that day. But if you’ve practiced recognizing patterns and memorizing combos, you should accomplish these Daily Challenges easily!