Play Toy Blast on PC & Mac FREE now | Match Colorful Cubes on Many Levels!

The ultimate color-matching puzzle game can now be played on PC! Toy Blast game  gives you hours of endless fun and challenges with its thousands of colorful levels to solve. Just tap and swipe the toys or blocks to make colorful matches.

Just tap clustered blocks that have the same color to wipe them off the board! Toy Blast is not just about tapping and matching colorful blocks of toys, there are also challenges to conquer on every level. It could be completing a certain number of pairs, eliminating blocks or reach a certain score within a limited time.


Test Your Skills in Over Thousands of Challenging and Colorful Levels

Will you solve them all? Test your skills and strategy on Toy Blast! Experience fun and colorful adventure in Toy Land’s hundreds of challenging levels and story episodes. Unlock different types of characters and toys as you progress in the game. As you go towards the higher levels, you can unlock at least a dozen new types of characters!

Can you possibly keep up in all 2,500 levels of the game? Let’s see. You have to start your Toyland journey now and try to keep up with the game’s veteran players. There are new levels and content that are added from time to time, will you be able to surpass all the game’s current and upcoming levels? Get a free Toy Blast download on PC now if you are up for a challenge.


Surpass the Most Difficult Levels with Combos and Boosters!

Toy Blast has more than 2,000 puzzle levels to be solved. If you are up for the challenge, you can acquire lots of surprises and rewards throughout your adventure! If you feel stuck at a certain level, you can use boosters to blast many toy blocks at once!

To create boosters, you have to match more than three blocks with the same colors. The more blocks you can match, the booster you create will be more powerful. Boosters are your lifesavers in sticky situations, especially during a particularly difficult level.


Join Fun Events, Challenges and Tournaments to Gain Extra Rewards

Aside from Toy Blast’s thousands of challenging levels, there are many other fun activities that you can join in. You can compete with other players from different parts of the world in Legends Arena. In that arena, you can face off against seasoned Toy Blast online players and show off who the real puzzle master is!

There are also new fun events that you can join daily. Watch out for side quests and bonus challenges in Crown Rush and Star Tournament where you can win more items and freebies such as boosters and similar bonuses.

These events, challenges, and tournaments will still require you to solve puzzles. The challenges are always fresh and unique. There will be time limits, move limits, and color requirements that are required to win these bonus matches.


Compete With the Best Players From Different Parts of the World!

If you are up for a real challenge, you can try and outrank everyone on the global leaderboards! Solve puzzles at a faster pace, match more blocks, and earn freebies, rewards, and extra bonuses to garner more points and experience! There are many great Toy Blast game players out there in the arena, so you have to make sure to do your best and climb up to the top of the global rankings.


Why Play Toy Blast Online on PC? 

While it may be fun to just tap and have all the fun on mobile, Toy Blast is also great to be played on PC. Why? Because you get to enjoy those colorful and powerful moves at a bigger and better screen.

Experience the game in high-quality graphics and sounds when you play on PC. Creating combos and blasting those blocks with a booster will be more satisfying when you experience it on PC. You also get to look at the blocks from a wider perspective and spot matches faster and more easily.


Update Toy Blast Every 2 Weeks to Get 50 New Levels!

The fun does not stop at just 2,500 levels, because there are more levels added constantly to the game! Make sure to get Toy Blast updates every 2 weeks or so to get 50 new levels added to the game.

Yes, new and more difficult levels are added every other week, and if you want to keep your lead in the global rankings, you have to keep yourself updated with these new levels. New surprises and challenges await you in Toy Blast’s new content. New characters and features are also waiting to be unlocked!

Toy Blast is a great past time whenever you have lots of extra downtime at work or school. If you are bored at home, you can spend your hours playing Toy Blast! It is fun and highly addictive due to its simple gameplay. However, don’t take it too easy because it is also quite hard to master once you reach the higher levels!  For more puzzle games full of adventure, check out Toon Blast.

Game Features

  • Over 2,500 Puzzle Levels to Play with.
  • Join Daily Events and Tournaments.
  • Unlock Dozens of Adorable Characters and Toys.
  • Win Amazing Rewards and Daily Freebies.
  • Climb Up the Global Leaderboards!

Download and Play Toy Blast on PC, MAC FREE now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Toy Blast Screenshot
Toy Blast Screenshot

Play Toy Blast on PC & Mac FREE now | Match Colorful Cubes on Many Levels!